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 10th December 2010 Hielscher Ultrasonics

Hielscher fc2clampk: Novel Flow Cell for Ultrasonic Processes with Small Volume

Hielscher Ultrasonics launches a new stainless steel flow cell, especially developed for highly intensive ultrasonic processes of small volumes. The flow cell fc2clampk fits to Hielscherís industrial ultrasonic processors UIP500hd (20kHz, 500W), UIP1000hd (20kHz, 1kW), UIP1500hd (20kHz, 1,5kW) and 2000hd (20kHz, 2kW). Its high energy input into the liquid processing medium and its small volume make the fc2clampk an ideal tool for the nano, pharma and biotech industries. Hielscher ultrasonic devices are successfully used for emulsifying, dispersing, deagglomeration, and extraction. The ultrasonic reactor features a cooling jacket that allows to control the temperature also during high energy input. The new flow cell is made of stainless steel, has simple geometries and can easily be disassembled and wiped out. There are no small orifices or hidden corners. This is of high importance when small amounts of material have to be sonicated. The simple design of the fc2clampk avoids settling material in corners or orifices so that the substance does not get lost. The flow cell reactors meet the advanced CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilize-in-place) requirements and are autoclavable, too. In particular for the use in processes, in which elevated a purity grade has to be reached, such as in the pharmaceutical production, the new ultrasonic reactor fc2clampk shows significant benefits. Using tri-clamps, the fc2clampk is easy and without difficulty to mount at one of the various sonotrode types which suits the application.

We at Hielscher are glad to assist you. Contact us today, we will recommend the most suitable device configuration meeting your processí requirements.

Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH Warthestr. 21 14513 Teltow Germany Tel: +49 (0)3328 437 428 Fax: +49 (0)3328 437 444


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