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 10th December 2010
Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Next generation linear columns for size exclusion chromatography of water soluble polymers

Tosoh Bioscience, a leading manufacturer of HPLC columns, is extending the portfolio of the well-known TSK-GEL SEC columns by a new TSKgel PW column line incorporating the company’s proprietary multi-pore particle technology. TSK-GEL SuperMultiporePW semi-micro SEC columns provide near linear calibration curves. They are ideally suited to analyze the size distribution of water soluble polymers, such as polyvinylpyrrolidones or dextrans.

TSK-GEL SuperMultiporePW columns are packed with spherical mono-disperse polymethacrylate particles, each containing a wide range of pore sizes. They belong to the semi-micro type of SEC columns (6 mm ID, 15 cm length) providing high theoretical plate numbers at half of the length of a conventional SEC column. The TSK-GEL SuperMultiporePW series comprises of three column types covering different molecular weight ranges (PW-N; PW-M, PW-H).

Multi-pore particle technology is the most elegant way to achieve near linear SEC calibration curves. It solves the known problem of peak disturbances/inflection points, which typically occur due to a mismatch of pore sizes when columns with different molecular weight ranges are coupled. Particles produced by multi-pore technology contain a broad range of pore sizes in a single polymeric bead. This innovative approach essentially creates a linear calibration curve within each particle.

Multi-pore, semi-micro SEC columns provide high resolution and smooth peak shapes without shoulders or inflection points. This leads to better accuracy and reproducibility when determining the molecular mass distribution of water soluble polymers. The full potential of these next-generation SEC columns can be exploited when installed in a dedicated semi-micro HPLC system, such as the EcoSEC GPC system or low dead volume UHPLC systems.


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