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 26th January 2011
JRS Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

JRS Pharma Launches New Products

JRS Pharma launches “PROSOLV® EASYtab” - an exciting All-in-One, High Functionality, Excipient Composite JRS Pharma, the world’s leading excipient manufacturer, is launching the first ready-to-use lubricant-coated high functionality excipient in the market. Using JRS Pharma’s proven technology platform, their formulation scientists have developed “PROSOLV® EASYtab” imparts a perfect balance of compaction, flow, disintegration, lubrication, and content uniformity for rapid formulation development and convenient tablet manufacture. The advantage of using “PROSOLV® EASYtab” to customers is higher profitability through overall lower drug costs,higher product yield, increased speed to the market, and exceptional product performance.

JRS PHARMA is proud to introduce its newest product derived from the PROSOLV® Technology Platform, PROSOLV® ODT. This innovative orally disintegrating tablet matrix technology is the unique combination of soluble and insoluble ingredients manufactured using JRS PHARMA’s co-processing technology. PROSOLV® ODT addresses formulation and manufacturing challenges with robust functional performance required for high speed tablet manufacture. Patients experience a tablet with pleasing mouth feel and fast disintegration in the oral cavity without needing water. With no licensing and, royalty agreements required, JRS PHARMA makes PROSOLV® ODT ready to use for scientists, manufacturing, and business professionals alike.

New 2nd Production Plant Up and Running Now

EXPLOTAB® – The cost effective superdistintegrant from JRS Pharma

EXPLOTAB® (sodium starch glycolate), is one of the world’s leading superdisintegrants for solid dose pharmaceuticals. Combining superior product performance with cost effectiveness, EXPLOTAB® offers excellent formulation, and commercial benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.

Derived from potato starch by cross linking, EXPLOTAB® demonstrates strong swelling properties in contact with water. The low settling volume, NaCl free surface area, high purity, and degree of brightness make EXPLOTAB® the first in its class.

JRS Pharma customers benefit from high supply security through 2 independent EXPLOTAB® production plants on different continents.

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