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 28th January 2011
Stratophase Ltd

Stratophase Unveils New Data Monitoring Unit

Innovative inline analysis solution showcased at the 25th IFPAC

Romsey, UK – 24 January 2011– Stratophase, a specialist in real-time chemical and biochemical measurement, has premiered its latest SpectroSens monitoring and data analysis control units at the 25th International Forum and Exhibition of Process Analytical Technology (IFPAC) in Baltimore, USA (17th to 21st January, 2011). The meeting is considered an important global event showcasing the newest Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) methodologies. Stratophase’s new device is a bench-top control centre capable of monitoring up to eight independent inline SpectroSens optical sensors.

SpectroSens sensors employ an innovative technology that interprets changes in refractive index to provide real-time process monitoring. The new data monitoring unit advances the company’s systems by providing a built-in touch-screen interface while reducing footprint by over 50%. Due to its new ergonomic form and smaller size, the SpectroSens unit is perfectly suited for use in a range of environments, from a small process development laboratory up to industrial scale requirements. The multichannel capabilities of the device allow it to be connected to a number of SpectroSens sensors, whether in a single, multi-stage process or in situations where multiple processes are running in parallel. For more information please visit the Stratophase website at

Editors’ notes

About Stratophase:

Stratophase is a VC-funded spin-out from the University of Southampton in the UK. Its unique SpectroSens technology is an optical microchip sensor which measures chemical processes and detects biological targets. This core optical measurement technology can be realised in a vast array of sensing heads, offering a wide variety of system configurations applicable to a broad spectrum of industries including chemical and biochemical production as well as biological detection.

The Stratophase team, guided by CEO Dr Richard Williams, includes the original inventors of the SpectroSens technology as well as senior managers with a vast array of industry experience.

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