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 1st April 2011 METTLER TOLEDO UK

The way in which x-ray inspection can improve product safety and ensure integrity on a pharmaceutical production line is explained in this short online seminar from METTLER TOLEDO.

Find out how an x-ray inspection can monitor numerous quality-control issues simultaneously. In a single pass, one x-ray inspection unit can identify dangerous physical contaminants and reject any product that fails to meet the exacting physical or presentational standards that pharmaceutical brands set themselves.

The free webinar continues by explaining the damage that product faults can cause to brand value, and explaining how x-ray inspection works and how it can catch contaminants at any stage of the production process.

If you thought x-ray inspection systems are not suitable for the inspection of pharmaceutical products, you should view this short webinar to find out that the opposite is true.

To view this free webinar at your own convenience, visit


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