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 1st April 2011 Gentronix

Gentronix further expands early genotoxicity screening capability with introduction of Ames MPF™ screening service.

30th March 2011 [Manchester, UK]

Gentronix Limited, the specialist genotoxicity assay provider, is pleased to announce the addition of the Ames MPF™ screen to its growing portfolio of genotoxicity screening services.

The bacterial mutagenicity testing service from Gentronix Ltd, offers the opportunity for early identification of compounds likely to produce positive results in the regulatory Ames mutagenicity test. This allows prioritization of compounds for development, saving time and money. The microplate format requires only the low, milligram quantities of test article that are available in discovery and development.

Ames MPF™ is an adapted microfluctuation method for performing the Ames bacterial mutagenicity test particularly useful for early screening applications. Hisˉ or Trpˉ tester strains are incubated with test samples and scored for colony growth, indicating reversion to His+ or Trp+ phenotype has occurred.

In this liquid format of the test, small cultures are scored in 384-well microplates using an indicator medium colour change (purple to yellow).

A test agent is assayed across 6 dose levels with concurrent zero-dose and positive controls, all performed in triplicate to provide statistical robustness. The test is operated both with and without S9 exogenous metabolism.

Dr. Steve Beasley, Commercial Director at Gentronix said, “Early identification of genotoxic compounds saves time and money. We have developed an exceptional capability with our proprietary GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC reporter based technology and see the introduction of our Ames MPF screening service as providing an excellent integrated approach to help our customers increase their research efficiency”

Ames MPF™ is a trademark of Xenometrix AG.

About Gentronix Limited

Gentronix provides services and solutions that help companies optimize the development of drugs and other chemicals, by reducing rates of attrition due to toxicity and ensuring safer products across a wide range of chemistry driven industries. Our primary focus is on providing better hazard identification assays for genotoxicity through the use of our patented human cell GADD45a reporter assays GreenScreen HC® and BlueScreen HC™. Gentronix provides contract services for genotoxicity in these and related assays including Ames, Comet and Micronucleus tests, as well as a wide range of ADME and predictive toxicity endpoints. For more information on all that we do please visit our website or email us at

Contact: Dr Steve Beasley, Commercial Director: +44 (0)161 603 7676,

Dr Catherine Butcher, Barrett Dixon Bell Limited. +44 (0) 161 925 4700,


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