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 8th April 2011 Bosch

Bosch at Interpack 2011 Innovations Offer Maximized Quality and Efficiency for Pharmaceutical Lines

- High flexibility and safety for filling of liquid pharmaceuticals - Bosch expands its portfolio in syringe processing and pure water generation - Consulting services help achieve high Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Bosch Packaging Technology is presenting two recent developments in its filling and sealing machines for liquid pharmaceuticals at Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf. The technologies offer high flexibility and safety to help manufacturers achieve cost reductions and comply with industry regulations. The new ARF 1020 series is designed for the filling and closing of open and closed ampoules as well as injection vials and ensures high product quality. It also offers easy operation and an output of up to 120 products per minute. Bosch will also introduce the new MLF 4000 for filling and sealing injection and infusion bottles. It offers gentle transportation of containers and features 100-percent in-process weight control (IPC) for high quality assurance.

Bosch also offers a one-stop-shopping concept for syringe processing with the new RIL300 Rod Inserter and Labeler, a high-speed, integrated system that inserts plunger rods precisely into syringes after filling and applies labels for tracking. With a continuous product flow, it allows high production capacity of up to 300 syringes per minute while advanced controls ensure product quality and sterility.

A new pure water generation system expands and completes Bosch’s portfolio in the pharmaceutical sector. With a modular structure and eleven available sizes, the system can be customized to the unique needs of each manufacturer. This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce 400 to 16,500 liters of ultrapure water, both purified (PW) and highly purified (HPW), per hour.

Bosch will introduce two new machines in the capsule filling portfolio. The GKF 2500 with a micro dosing system is suitable for small amounts of products. The GKF 702 with minibowl allows the simulation of filling a process for scale up with very less product in fast time, this is a real benefit for drug development projects.

At Interpack, Bosch will also introduce its OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Consulting service to enhance productivity throughout the manufacturing process. Bosch specialists work closely with manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to optimize machine performance and maximize output by offering the expertise and technical know-how to suggest and implement system improvements.


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