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 21st April 2011 Sotax

SOTAX opens its subsidiary in India as SOTAX India Pvt Ltd

Swiss based SOTAX recently opened its subsidiary in India as SOTAX India Pvt Ltd with their corporate office in Mumbai. This move will help SOTAX to service Indian pharmaceutical manufactures and R&D centers in a better way. Initially SOTAX India will focus two hundred plus pharma manufacturing and R&D locations with their systems in India. SOTAX India will also initiate workshops and seminars as value addition to QA, QC, manufacturing and R&D department people in Indian pharmaceutical industry. SOTAX has appointed Dr L Ramaswamy as the managing director of their Indian subsidiary. Dr Ramaswamy with his three decades of Indian pharmaceutical industry experience has charted out a road map for SOTAX India for next five years. SOTAX founded in 1973 in Switzerland is a fast growing group leader in providing high quality dissolution testing systems, composite assay and content uniformity workstations and physical tablet testing instruments for pharmaceutical industry throughout the world. SOTAX also offers SPS Pharma Services (CRO), contract research lab dedicated to dissolution testing research and integrated the Zymark® automation product line, resources and services in 2008. SOTAX leads the way in the development and manufacture of high quality pharmaceutical testing equipment and associated services. Their equipment is used worldwide in the development and production process of their customers and the pharmaceutical and science industries. SOTAX develops, produces and markets system solutions for pharmaceutical testing and does so in close cooperation with pharmaceutical and scientific partners. SOTAX extensive market and process know-how enables them to meet their customer’s requirement and comply with the key directives relevant to them. SOTAX has established an excellent international reputation as a specialist in the development and production of sophisticated test equipments and automated systems for tablet testing. They work with major pharmaceutical companies to develop customized hardware/software solutions for their product.

Sotax India (Pvt) Limited Phone +91 22 42 95 01 91 601, Eco House, +91 22 42 95 01 92 Vishweshwar Nagar, +91 22 42 95 01 93 Mumbai 400063 Contact: Dr.L.Ramaswamy.MMM.MHRDM.Ph.D E-mail: General e-mail:


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