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 21st April 2011 Bosch

“PreVAS” at Interpack 2011 Bosch offers Customized Solutions for Disposable Filling Systems from a Single Source

Lower cleaning- and downtime during production Reaction on qualification and validation as a key challenge Peristaltic pump for filling volumes up to 500 milliliter

At Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf, Bosch Packaging Technology presents their new disposable filling system concept “PreVAS”. “As a system provider we would like to offer our customers a ready-to-install well qualified and validatable solution,” explained Product Manager Klaus Ullherr about the PreVAS methodology. The advantages of exchangeable filling systems, such as lowered cleaning- and downtime during production, extremely reduced sterilization requirements and the prevention of cross contamination are obvious. Bosch offers with their solution answers to open questions regarding interfaces, qualification and validation. “Disposable filling systems have literally turned the market around,” explained Klaus Ullherr.

PreVAS was developed in cooperation with a strategic partner for disposable materials. Therefore our customers benefit from the synergy between filling system competence from a machine manufacturer and a plastic manufacturer with sterilization know how. For PreVAS, flow behavior, interfaces, tubing layout, distribution and connection point aspects are pursued using a holistic approach. In addition, questions such as the introduction of materials into a qualified area like a sterile room or isolator are solved with the new concept. Furthermore, the Bosch mock-ups have proven to be extremely useful in creating operator-friendly layouts of transfer ports and glove ports.

A further development of the successful Bosch peristaltic pump permits a tool-less and single-handed tubing change especially well suited to isolators. This pump is available, not only for volumes up to 500 milliliter, but also in an autoclavable version with a removable pump head and connections made from PEAK plastics. “After a very successful introduction of the peristaltic pump, we were right once more,” explained Klaus Ullherr.


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