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 4th May 2011 LifeConEx

SCORR Marketing Named Agency of Record for LifeConEx

SCORR Marketing, a Nebraska-based strategic marketing agency, has been selected by LifeConEx as their agency of record. As a provider of cold chain management solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech and device industries, LifeConEx will utilize SCORR Marketing to help develop and manage marketing components that better demonstrate the Company’s value proposition to the life sciences industry. “We were impressed with the high level of work SCORR has brought to many organizations within the industry,” stated LifeConEx CEO David Y. Bang. “They are enthusiastic and eager in helping us evolve our industry leadership position.” LifeConEx is the only industry-specific Lead Cold Chain Solutions Provider (LCCSP) of end-to-end temperature-controlled transportation solutions for the life sciences industry worldwide. With the function of designing and orchestrating clients’ shipping processes, LifeConEx proactively and reactively intervenes, should an issue arise. LifeConEx’ processes assure that products will be delivered on-time and in the desired condition by systematically integrating and rigorously measuring all supply chain partners, overseeing proper and regulatory compliant storage and shipments of temperature-sensitive medicinal products, and delivering shorter cycle time with fewer damages and temperature excursions. Covering more than 100 countries on all seven continents, LifeConEx provides reliable solutions for intercontinental, intra-US, intra-European and Caribbean trade lanes with customized solutions for China, India, Japan, the Middle East and Latin America.

“It’s always our top priority to strategically build our clients’ marketing components to better position them as a front-runner in their industry,” stated SCORR Marketing President Cinda Orr. “Distinguishing LifeConEx’ unique cold chain solutions is something of upmost importance, and we are pleased to partner with them on this journey.” SCORR Marketing is a full-service marketing and public relations firm offering complete strategic communications programs to clients in a wide variety of markets and industries. For more information or to view samples of their work, visit online at or call 308.237.5567. About SCORR Marketing SCORR collaborates with energetic companies to develop “next-phase growth strategies” and a disciplined approach to marketing plans that ensure solid incremental growth year after year, creating tangible results. SCORR’s team includes dedicated talent with worldwide experience in market development, public relations and communications, customer retention and development, corporate identity/branding, broadcast and print advertising and interactive/Web design and development, as well as tradeshow/event planning and promotion. Connect with SCORR Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or call us at 308.237.5567.

About LifeConEx LifeConEx is the only industry specific Lead Cold Chain Solutions Provider (LCCSP) of end-to-end temperature-controlled transportation solutions for the life sciences industry worldwide. Temperature-controlled solutions and services are designed to match the needs of customers and their products. LifeConEx collaborates with logistics and supply chain partners to produce the highest quality of services. LifeConEx provides reliable solutions, covering more than one hundred countries on all continents.

For more information about LifeConEx, visit or connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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