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 16th May 2011 Synexus

Synexus has completed a phase II study for the European biotech, Creabilis, recruiting 26 patients in the UK to the psoriasis trial of its CT327 lead product in just 2 weeks, as part of an international proof-of-concept study. The company delivered the targeted number of patients well within the agreed timelines and budget.

Chief Executive of Synexus, Dr Christophe Berthoux believes his company has a great deal to offer smaller pharma and biotech companies: “The Synexus model works particularly well with companies like Creabilis who need to get their early phase studies underway fast. Each of our 26 Dedicated Research Centres has access to large patient pools and use of our patient database with in excess of 450,000 pre-registered patients, to help recruit the right subjects very rapidly. We are talking to more and more biotechs already this year with many beginning to see that Synexus makes an ideal partner for their faster moving drug development pipelines.”

Dr Eliot Forster, Chief Executive of Creabilis acknowledged the advantages of working with a company like Synexus: “There remain significant unmet medical needs in treating dermatological diseases. Creabilis strives to make a difference to the way these diseases are treated. To do this effectively we need to partner with like-minded companies that can support our efforts to bring drugs to market more quickly. Synexus is one such company.”


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