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 25th May 2011 Pharmatron AG

New MultiTest 50 Tablet hardness testing has never been easier

The MultiTest 50 is manual tablet testing system that offers highest precision, flexibility and exceptional user-friendliness. From basic tablet hardness tests to complete measuring of up to five parameters, including professional reporting, physical testing has never been easier. Next to fast and efficient operation, the MultiTest 50 provides accurate and highly reliable test data, resulting in increased productivity and ease of regulatory compliance.

Samples are placed inside the MultiTest 50 test area individually and by hand. Practically any imaginable design, including oblong, diamond, hexagon and unconventional tablet shapes can be reliably positioned to measure hardness, diameter/length, width, thickness and weight. To ensure correct alignment of special shapes without limiting the flexibility of the tester, the MultiTest 50 features quick-change tongues with or without groove that can be easily exchanged in a matter of seconds.

In FastTestTM configuration with integrated thickness gauge, operators can test tablets as quickly as with any automatic instrument.

Operating a manual tablet tester has never been easier. The intuitive icon-based touch screen user interface sets new standards for fast and user-friendly control. From executing simple tests to programming products with T1/T2/PL limits – everything is available at touch of a button. Logical menu structures with intelligent operator assistance provide for fast test setup, short training times, language-independent operation and error-free data entries. Different “views” that can be selected while tests are running allow the operator to display currently measured values, complete series of measurements and even graphical hardness curves. Professional reports that can easily be customized are automatically printed at completion of a test run.

The solid construction of the MultiTest 50 guarantees reliable test results at all times. Proven Dr. Schleuniger® hardness measuring technology with a precision S-beam load cell complies with all current USP and EP requirements and offers consistently accurate results.

Swiss quality

High quality components paired with Swiss precision engineering provide for a long product life and minimize costly machine downtime. In order to ensure maximum reliability, all instruments are tested according to strict internal quality standards before they leave the factory.

Tablet hardness testing

With more than 35 years of experience and more than 15’000 testers in the market, Dr. Schleuniger® hardness measuring technology is a safe investment. The MultiTest 50 offers consistently accurate test results and fully complies with current USP (chapter 1217, tablet breaking force) and EP (2.9.8, resistance to crushing of tablets) requirements.

About Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron

Pharmatron AG, headquartered in Thun, Switzerland, develops and manufactures high-precision solid dosage test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1972, the brand “Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron” is synonymous with quality tablet testing solutions. Renown for their reliability and flexibility, our products are used in research & development, quality control and tablet manufacturing of international pharmaceutical companies world-wide. Long-term sales & service partners in more than 40 countries and an own subsidiary in the USA provide local service and offer support tailored to individual customer requirements.

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• Precision hardness measuring with high sampling rate (7 measuring points per millisecond) • Up to 5 parameters • Fast and intuitive programming with touch screen • Additional languages possible • 3 test modes: FullTest, EasyTest, SingleTest • Choose from 3 views to display measurements • Proven Dr. Schleuniger® hardness measuring technology • Precision S-beam load cell • State-of-the-art electronics • Solid mechanics / no torsion displacement • Simple and fast cleaning of test area • Integrated debris collection bin • Comprehensive reporting • Easy customization of reports • Backup / restore data with USB • Print reports with standard printer (USB / serial / network printer)


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