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 15th June 2011 Shimadzu

Shimadzu News Pharma Special Analytical applications along the pharmaceutical product life cycle

40 pages of in-depth articles and new methods / Available as download, smartphone and printed versions / Released in English language

Shimadzu, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in analytical instrumentation, has launched a Special Edition of the Shimadzu-News specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. 40 pages introduce solutions and applications for a multitude of topics such as drug research, development and testing as well as method development, manufacturing and quality control.

The applications cover many disciplines of analytical instrumentation, e.g. chromatography, TOC and spectroscopy. In-detail, in-depth articles describe new as well as established methods. In a highly regulated environment, the pharmaceutical industry depends on increasingly sensitive measurements, and the same time efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ecology.

Some selected highlights: TOC analysis of ultra pure water, detection of heavy metals by EDX, impurity analysis by two dimensional LC and LCMS-IT-TOF, and extrusion testing of blister packaging. The new Crude2Pure system, jointly developed by Shimadzu Corporation and GlaxoSmithKline UK, demonstrates Shimadzu’s innovation and ability to provide tailor-made technologies.

Shimadzu Pharma News is available as download at or via App for iPhone® and Android (Shimadzu News WebApp / Shimadzu News App). A printed version can be ordered directly by e-mail:


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