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 17th June 2011 Burkert

Innovation in Diecasting Cooling from Burkert at the GIFA

At The GIFA – The Bright World of Metals exhibition, held in Dusseldorf from 28th June to 2nd July 2011, Burkert is showing (in Hall 10, stand 10A70), its latest advances in modular valve and sensor technologies for improving diecasting applications. These developments deliver innovative cooling in diecasting operations, helping to improve quality and process efficiency to meet the demanding standards of the global automotive industry. Free tickets to visit The GIFA and view Burkert’s new system are available from

To learn more about this new advance in technology please see the press release below.


Production pressures from the automotive industry are resulting in increasingly stringent standards of quality for die-cast parts and, as a consequence, for the temperature control of die-casting tools. In this demanding environment, all processes must be exactly reproducible and traceable. In addition, the cooling system must allow for modular expansion within the smallest possible dimensional envelope. Thanks to Burkert’s modern modular valve and sensor technology, such exacting cooling systems can now be achieved, and tailored exactly to the meet the requirements of each respective application.

The number, design and arrangement of the cooling channels in a die-casting mould is important for successful temperature regulation. Specifically, many small channels enable more precise temperature control than a smaller number of larger ones. However, the temperature of the coolant and the flow rate are decisive for absolutely precise and reliable temperature control.

Several independent and parallel cooling circuits ensure more precise control of the cooling process, which improves the quality of the die-cast parts. Burkert’s new development of proportional solenoid valves enables the implementation of multi-loop parallel-operating flow rate regulation circuits. The advantage of these valves lies in the frictionless operation of their magnetic cores, ensured by special form springs that avoid stick-slip effects.

This is evidenced by excellent response sensitivity (0.1 per cent of the final value), minimal reversal errors and unmatched regulation performance. The measuring range of these new proportional solenoid valves is 1:100, which makes it possible to adjust to even the slightest fluctuation in the flow rate by very precise corrective movements of the valves. In combination with the new ultrasonic flow rate sensor, which has a measuring range of 1:200 and starts measuring at 0.06 l/min (3.6 l/h), it is possible to dose very small and precise flow rates to air flows.

Complementing the performance of the internal valve design, innovative modular valve bodies enable more compact systems by eliminating the requirement for conventional pipeline connections between discrete valves. Instead, fluid connections are achieved by direct joining of the valve bodies, which enables the design of extremely compact, space-saving and robust valve systems for the cooling of die-casting tools. Since the inlet and outlet planes are separate in the new valve bodies, redirection of the fluid flow is reduced in comparison with conventional valves. The new valves, therefore, also optimise the kv coefficient of flow value. Due to the modular design it is even possible to produce small batches cost-effectively. The applications range from single valve solutions to complete control cabinet systems.

A special controller is required for adjusting the quantity of coolant or air/ water mixture: for example, to achieve an exact ratio of air to water. The new universal controller eCONTROL 8611, specially developed by Bürkert for cooling systems, fulfils all of these requirements and is also available as a panel version with a 1/16 DIN cut-out for installation in an existing control cabinet.

*This press release is a précis of a white paper produced by Burkert. The whitepaper can be downloaded from:

Photo Captions:

Picture 1: Diagrams shows concept of air water cooling for die casting.

Picture 2: Modular valve block for cooling of die-casting tools.

About BURKERT Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases. The products have a wide variety of applications and are used by breweries and laboratories as well as in medical engineering and space technology. The company employs over 1,800 people and has a comprehensive network of branches in 33 countries world-wide.


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