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 28th June 2011 Cambio

New Ames tests now available from Cambio

Distributed in the UK exclusively by Cambio, Xenometrix products include today’s most advanced Ames mutagenicity assays and cytotoxicity screening kits. These have been specially designed to reduce the amount of test compounds and consumables used, and to require less hands-on time. Xenometrix is particularly proud of its excellent pre- and post-sale customer support which allows new customers to get started quickly and successfully.

The Xenometrix Ames II and Ames MPF Microfluctuation Assays require a lower amount of sample and provide much easier handling compared with the traditional Ames test, as they use liquid culture instead of agar plates.

Also available from Cambio, the new Ames MPF 98/100 AQUA detects the mutagenic potential of non-concentrated water samples, enabling the use of 18.5 times more sample volume than with the conventional Ames MPF 98/100 kit. Applications include testing sterile aqueous solutions, fresh water, waste water, aqueous extracts and leachates, aqueous solutions of chemicals and chemical mixtures.

Other Xenometrix products introduced by Cambio include a new micro-format kit for the analysis of potentially genotoxic compounds in the environment, based on the umuC SOS response. Following the initial overnight cultivation of bacteria, umuC kits deliver results in as little as six hours.

Dr Naeem Ahmed, Cambio technical support specialist, commented, ‘Xenometrix specialises in producing high quality mutagenicity and cytotoxicity test systems for use in molecular pharmacology; early stages of drug discovery; screening of chemical, cosmetic, alimentary or agrochemical compounds; and for testing environmental water, soil, air or effluents. The addition of Xenometrix to the Cambio portfolio illustrates our commitment to continuous new product introduction and enables us to provide an even wider range of innovative tools for molecular biology, all backed by our world-class technical support.’ cont/

About Cambio Established in 1985, Cambio is a privately-held UK company with an excellent reputation for the supply of high quality molecular biology reagents and consumables. To meet the needs of a growing and diversifying market, advanced Molecular Biology products are continually added to the company’s extensive portfolio. This wide choice of research tools sourced from a global network of leading manufacturers is complemented by Cambio’s commitment to world-class technical support and customer service.

As a result, the company has built successful long-term customer relationships with scientific research laboratories within universities, large pharma and biotech companies, government agencies, agricultural organisations and environmental facilities. Based near Cambridge, UK, Cambio is ISO9001:2008 registered.


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