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 15th July 2011 BMG Labtech

A big win for small particles: A SPECTROstar Nano awarded to the University of Helsinki for Nanoparticle research.

BMG LABTECH is proud to announce that the fourth SPECTROstar Nano will be going to Finland to aid in developing a discovery platform for pharmaceutical nanoparticles at the University of Helsinki. “The discovery platform for pharmaceutical nanoparticles relies on an unconventional combination of modern methods. It will open important new horizons and it is expected to fundamentally renew the field of drug delivery.”

Dr. Marco Casteleijn further explains: “Specific experiments could benefit greatly by the use to the SPECTROstar Nano due to its fast reading times, robotic interface mode, low volume measurements, plate reading capabilities, shaking and incubating capabilities, and full spectrum readout. In addition, gas vent for atmospheric control could be useful for other applications in the future, in case of automated growth and control of mammalian cell lines. In addition, model drug concentrations such as calcein, small lipophilic molecules (e.g. rhodamine B), siRNA and pDNA can be evaluated by the SPECTROstar Nano (i.e. full spectrum, small volumes of 2 μL) during the formulation process. ”

To read his unique proposal visit

BMG LABTECH will be awarding the last of five SPECTROstar Nanos on July 30, 2011. Just submit a short 2-4 page proposal explaining how your lab would benefit from this new and innovative absorbance microplate, cuvette and low-volume readers before the final deadline, July 15, 2011. If you would like to be the final winner, tell BMG LABTECH how you propose to use the SPECTROstar Nano in a unique fashion or proposing to use one of the instrument’s many unique features such as: full UV/Vis spectrum per well, gas vent for atmospheric control, 1536-well plate reading capability, incubation and shaking, reference corrections to improve data, cuvette and plate kinetics, BMG LATECH’s low volume LVis Plate, or robotic interface mode.

For more information go to or ask your local BMG LABTECH representative.


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