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 1st September 2011
GEA Niro

GEA presents state-of-the-art pharmaceutical spray drying at two trade shows: PowTech/TechnoPharm and CPhI

In October,GEA Niro will be displaying its superior GEA Niro spray drying technology at two trade shows in Germany: the PowTech/TechnoPharm show on October 11-13 in Nuremberg and the CPhI Worldwideon October 25-27 in Frankfurt-am-Main.

With a substantial legacy of serving the pharmaceutical industry with spray drying solutions, GEA Niro spray drying technology is generally recognized as a market leader, delivering cutting-edge solutions. The company offers both complete spray drying installations as well as a full range of spray drying services to companies working with the development of spray dried pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical grade products. Services cover the complete development cycle - from the initial proof of concept tests to full-scale production of clinical trial materials and commercial prod-ucts under cGMP conditions.

Complimentary consultancy

Company representatives with in-depth technological expertise in the field of pharmaceutical spray drying will be available at the trade shows to offer insight into the GEA Niro technology, its benefits and the potential of pharmaceutical spray drying. Complementary consultancy on the topic of how the GEA Niro technology may best be exploited to its full capacity in any given case will be pro-vided at the trade shows.

Spray dryer for aseptic production

At PowTech/Technopharm, GEA Niro will present its new state-of-the-art spray dryer for aseptic pharmaceutical production, ASEPTICSDTM. Based on a new concept, the spray dryer is sterilised using steam: a method that meets regulations and guidelines put forward by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other such agencies and has consequently become the preferred method in the pharmaceutical industry. The method al-lows for the production of aseptic free-flowing powders in a single step. It also makes ample use of the benefits of spray drying over other production forms: e.g. powder engineering properties as well as the cost advantages of spray drying as opposed to other technologies.

About pharmaceutical spray drying

Spray drying is a fast and gentle way to produce free-flowing powders and a process that allows very precise particle formation. The drying takes place in seconds and at temperatures that pre-serve the product’s active ingredients. Spray drying can be applied in pharmaceutical production to obtain several benefits, including increased bioavailability, controlled release or taste masking and aseptic production. It can also be applied for production of fine powders for inhalation or other applications. It can be applied in the production of APIs, excipients as well as of solid dosage for-mulations of final drugs.

To find us: • PowTech/TechnoPharm: Visit GEA Niro in Hall 5/5-250 • CPhI: Visit GEA Niro in Hall 4, 1, Booth G58

More information: • GEA Niro • GEA Niro Pharmaceutical Spray Dryers • Aseptic spray dryer from GEA Niro, ASEPTICSD™ • Contract Manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry

Collateral: A high resolution image is available from Production at the GEA Niro PHARMASDTM PSD-4 in the GEA NiroPharma Test Station. © GEA Niro.

About GEA Niro

GEA Niro is a world leader in spray drying technology with a long history in the pharmaceutical industry. The supply includes laboratory-scale spray dryers for R&D and spray dryers for full-scale production under cGMP conditions. GEA Niroalso offers assistance with spray drying process de-velopment and cGMP contract spray drying. The expertise includes technologies for processing API, excipients and solid dosage formulations by spray drying, agglomeration, encapsulation and spray congealing. For further information please visit

About GEA Process

Engineering GEA Process Engineering develops, designs, and markets production plant equipment and processes for the dairy, brewery, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. With sales close to EUR 1.3 billion in 2010 and 4,800 employees working in more than 40 countries, GEA Process Engineering is recognized as a world leader within liquid processing, concentration, industrial drying, powder processing & handling, emissions control, solid dosage forms & sterile products, and aseptic packaging. GEA Process Engineering is a business segment of GEA Group, headquartered in Germany. For further information visit


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