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 7th June 2012 Burkert

Strategic Development of the Hygienic Processing Segment: Bürkert acquires the Swiss Company BBS Systems AG

After five years of close and successful cooperation, the fluid technology specialist Bürkert has now acquired all shares of BBS Systems AG, with headquarters in Wil, Switzerland. The complete integration of the company, which specialises in components and system solutions for bio- and pharmaceutical plant engineering, allows the Bürkert Group to reinforce its position in Hygienic Processing and continue its growth strategy in this segment.

Established in 1993, BBS Systems AG specialises in the development, production and marketing of components and system solutions for bio- and pharmaceutical plant engineering. The Swiss company has cooperated intensively with Bürkert Fluid Control Systems since 2008. “The acquisition of BBS Systems AG and the complete integration of the company in the Bürkert Group is a logical step in our growth-oriented strategy in the Hygienic Processing segment,” emphasises Bürkert’s Managing Director Heribert Rohrbeck.

Bundling the expertise of both companies under one roof allows Bürkert to offer its customers in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food production a diverse mix of optimally compatible products and systems from a single source. “The modular and innovative system solutions from BBS are the ideal supplement to Bürkert’s existing product and service portfolio,” Heribert Rohrbeck explains. “We are confident that our customers around the world will benefit from the logical continuation of the cooperation between Bürkert and BBS Systems that has already existed for the past five years.”

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