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 8th June 2012 Bybox

ByBox deliver savings for GlaxoSmithKline

Leading the way in box based logistics

The road to success is a long one and to get there, exploring new avenues and finding better and more cost effective ways of doing things is essential. ByBox is a company that can offer a solution. The field service specialist works with global pharmaceutical companies, one being GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to improve their supply chain and drive down their costs.

GlaxoSmithKline is one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Headquartered in the UK, they are a global organisation employing over 90,000 people in 114 countries worldwide. 700 of their UK based reps collect and return material through the ByBox locker network at sites across the UK.

ByBox is the market leader in its field and provide bespoke supply chain solutions to customers. It has been working with GSK ever since 2003. ByBox collect material from the GSK warehouse to deliver to representatives, it is then trunked and delivered through-the-night to electronic lockers (iBoxes) pre 8am which are situated at convenient locations such as petrol stations and supermarkets. Because of the vast network that ByBox has, the representative can simply collect their items at a time convenient during their days work, meaning the representative does not need to stay home waiting for a delivery.

When an item is delivered, the rep receives a text and/or an email to inform them. They then have up to 2 working days to collect the item. They can also use the same system in reverse to return items back to the GSK warehouse. This process is just as simple as the delivery process. The reps simply put the item into an iBox with a pre-printed label and ByBox then ensures the item gets to where it needs to go. The materials that GSK reps receive through ByBox include printed matter, exhibitions stands and medical demonstration devices.

ByBox and GSK are both committed to continuous improvement utilising new technology.

Commented Hannah Marsh, Operations Manager, from GSK UK: “Supporting our customer-facing colleagues with rapid access to the materials they need is essential. Offering the ByBox service as an alternative to the traditional delivery methods has given us greater flexibility so our teams do not need to wait at home for deliveries.”

Mark Garritt, Managing Director of ByBox said, “Innovation is at our core and we invest £3.5 million annually in software, technology and Research and Development, to ensure our customers receive the very best service. A philosophy of continuous improvement has led us to becoming the market leaders in our field and it is what will continue to drive us forward”.

“Our lockers have traditionally been used for engineers and their spare parts, but reps also need materials and the ability to track them from delivery to return. With legislation meaning all samples and materials need to be up to date this is essential. Reps used to have go to offices to collect goods or they used to have to wait at home, meaning they had a day when they were not on the road selling. Our solution eliminates this problem and ensures material is received and returned quickly and conveniently.”


Editors Notes:

ByBox specialise in delivering items pre 8am into by far the largest and most sophisticated drop box network in the UK. 18,000 lockers at 1,400 locations mean that a drop box is on average 2.5 miles from an engineer’s home. They are located on convenient sites such as supermarkets, petrol stations and train stations and with them being accessible 24/7, engineers can collect parts at their convenience. There are also networks in the Republic of Ireland, France and the Benelux. ByBox makes around 20 million deliveries a year and over 20,000 mobile engineers use the ByBox platform daily.

ByBox has recently developed a consumer solution that will revolutionise the home delivery marketplace. The service allows consumers to collect their internet orders at a locker if they are unable to receive deliveries at home or at work; ensuring they never miss a delivery.

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