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 14th November 2012 SYNERLAB

Press release - Lyofal Salon de Provence, on 14/11/2012, for immediate release.

Lyofal acquired by SYNERLAB with AXA Private Equity support

SYNERLAB, a leading French pharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm, reinforces its leading market position on contract manufacturing market and take position into a fast growing market of lyophilized dry forms by acquiring Lyofal. SYNERLAB add competencies to its existing range of outsourcing pharmaceutical services.

About Lyofal

The core business of the company is outsourcing lyophilization services, a well known technique of drying under cold and vacuum.

For the past 28 years of existence, Lyofal has provided its customers with the best level of service providing R&D, adapted production and conditionings fulfilling demands and positioning it self as the specialist of lyophilization services.

Lyofal offers services from determining lyophilization parameters, formulation assistance, and improvement of existing cycles within R&D services to production of pilot to industrial scale, for bulk products (APIs, plant or animal extracts, etc) as well as vials (diagnostic use) or moulded forms (haemostatic patches or medical devices).

Jean-Luc Allemand, founder and President of Lyofal, which has grown its firm from the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry, is allowing SYNERLAB to extend its range of products and is providing Lyofal with the necessary resources to further its development and respond to sub contracting market of the future.


With three production sites, the SYNERLAB Group manufactures and packages medicines for human, or veterinary use, medical devices and food supplement in various forms.

The SYNERLAB Group, initially formed from sub-contractor units organized into small to medium sized structures, offers its clients a high level of service and flexibility. Its effective industrial production expertise and its dedicated staff allow for strong support to its clients in the development and industrialization of their product.

Joint acquisition

SYNERLAB jointly announces the acquisitions of Lyofal and IDD-Tech Orleans, which specializes in the development of solid dosage forms. The expertise of IDD-Tech, which now becomes SYNERLAB Developpement, on galenic formulations as well as analytical drug development, will allow SYNERLAB to offer its clients a full range of services from the initial drug development to industrial scale production.

With these acquisitions, SYNERLAB reinforces its leading market position and becomes a company with five sites, employing 700 people and a turnover of € 85 million.

François Jerphagnon, Managing Director Small Market Enterprise Capital at AXA Private Equity declares: “With these acquisitions, SYNERLAB reinforces its leading position in contract manufacturing market. AXA Private Equity’s commitment alongside the management team over the last five years, including the closing of three build-up acquisitions, is a good example of how we bring value to our portfolio.”


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