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 20th November 2012 Attana

Attana expansion continuous with the quality accreditation ISO 9001

Attana AB is from 11th September 2012 certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008. This certifies that Attana has a clear framework for how to meet customer needs while fulfilling the regulatory requirements related to the company´s operations.

Focus on customers and continuous improvement is a core value for Attana and the foundation of quality work. From the formation of Attana, the ambition has been to work according to processes aligned with the ISO- framework. Clear evidence of that is the reviewing process that took less than six months to complete by the assigned notifying body, Norsk Veritas.

"I am proud of our quality work and that we have obtained ISO certification is a validation and confirmation of how we have been working for years,” says Jesper Isaksson, Quality Assurance Manager at Attana AB. “Our technology has the capacity to establish new industrial standards in drug development and it is important that our standard of work reflects that” he concludes." The certificate is valid for the development and sales of life science analysis system and associated consultancy services.

About Attana AB

Gaining time to market by a fast track to drugability.

Founded in 2002, based in Stockholm, Sweden, Attana AB develops biosensors for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic society worldwide. With a strong focus on characterizing molecular interactions exactly as they occur in the human body, Attana is committed to increasing the success during clinical trials by providing the life science community with biologically relevant information. Attana’s biosensors can be used to determine specificity, kinetics and affinity, amongst other binding characteristics of biomolecules and macrostructures of varying species such as cells, antibodies, proteins, viruses and bacteria.

For further information contact Product & Marketing Manager at Attana, Magdalena Tharaldsen:, +46 (0) 70 886 23 05.


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