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 26th March 2013 PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH

Are Scientists Ready for the Complete Picture?

As VisiSens A1 – the solution for visualizing oxygen distributions in 2D – is used by 50 researchers all over the world, it is time to introduce the two daughter systems for pH and CO2. PreSens Precision Sensing is looking for researchers with challenging applications willing to compete in the “Time-lapse contest 2013”.

Non-invasive mapping of metabolic activities and imaging of living samples is of great interest to life science and biological research. Therefore, the German company producing chemical optical sensors is ready to present first prototypes of VisiSens A2 and A3 for pH and CO2 imaging to researchers trying to get a complete 2D picture of oxygen, pH and carbon dioxide distributions in heterogeneous samples. VisiSens can e. g. visualize microbioal activity in sediments or dynamics in complex root systems and the surrounding media. Another option is 2D imaging in microfluidic devices. Scientist can now continuously monitor the culture parameters oxygen, pH and carbon dioxide in high resolution which will lead to improved microfluidic device functionalities. Possible applications seem to be innumerable.

Last year’s participants convinced with astonishing applications, e. g. investigating the impact of the Deepwater Horizon accident or controlling microbial biodeterioration on a dolostone Roman bridge. The consistently positive feedback convinced PreSens to repeat the time-lapse contest in 2013. Scientists working with pH or CO2 or all three parameters including oxygen can apply for the VisiSens Competition until April 30, 2013 (


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