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 31st January 2014
InTechnology Managed Services

Leading Healthcare Software Provider Chooses InTechnology to Enhance Patient Care

InTechnology Managed Services has announced today it has signed a contract with INRstar, the UK’s market leader for Clinical Decision Support Software (CDSS).

INRstar, developed by Sullivan Cuff Software Limited (SCSL), currently boasts over 2,500 anticoagulation clinics in both primary and secondary care. INRstar enables health professionals to securely navigate through increasingly complex decisions - a result of the arrival of new anticoagulation treatment choices.

Following a diligent and extensive tender process, InTechnology Managed Services won the contract as a result of its N3 pedigree, quality of infrastructure, scalability, support and account management.

Consequently, the INRstar N3 platform now has the back-up of InTechnology’s UK-based support team 24/7, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind. Additionally the move to InTechnology has enhanced patient care as electronic patient data is no longer reliant on vulnerable paper records, reducing administrative time and ensuring patient safety through the instant accessibility of up to date information.

Michael Nicholls, Software Development Manager at SCSL said: “We could only assess providers with N3 accreditation and InTechnology’s credentials in this respect were outstanding.

“Despite this we needed to be reassured in other areas too: the strength and reliability of the platform; the scalability and adaptability of the services taken; and the calibre of both the day-to-day and longer-term strategic help we would get from our new partner. InTechnology impressed on all counts, from their industrial grade network and data centre estate to their 24/7 UK based operations personnel.”

Through its Infrastructure as a Service solution with N3 connectivity, InTechnology moved SCSL into the Cloud. This led to the provisioning of virtual server resources in the data centre for the running of the latest software version, INRstar N3. Thousands of healthcare professionals who use this software now have fast, secure access as a result of the initiation of direct links into the N3 network.

Mark Halpin, New Business Sales Manager at InTechnology added: “After ticking every box during the tender process we were extremely proud at how we outperformed the competition.

“We’re very excited to be working with SCSL and are looking forward to supporting the company to achieve its main goals of enhanced performance, growth in market share in primary healthcare and expansion into other areas.”


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