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 13th March 2014 GXPi

GXPi Cloud™ Climbs Overhead to make Customers Sing as Compliance Reigns

10th March 2014 – Compliance consultancy and product provider GXPi has launched a full range of validated and qualified cloud environments for the life sciences sector. The UK-headquartered company says its new offerings are designed to enable regulated organisations access the fantastic benefits of managed computing on demand, without having to worry about the extra complexity that comes with maintaining the validated and qualified state themselves.

In real terms, the ‘GXPi Cloud™’ offers companies working in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector software, platform and infrastructure as validated, qualified and scalable services. This has the potential to significantly lower capital costs, resource allocation and running costs, and the risk of running your own infrastructure, as GXPi CEO Keith Williams explains:

“Using remote servers to hold data and deliver applications is nothing new. Cloud computing lowers capital expenditure and removes the need for you to have resources dedicated to maintaining these business critical systems. That’s why it’s becoming so popular in all business sectors. Using the cloud does carry some perceived risks around security, data integrity and physical location so we’ve moved to address those worries by using our expertise in the sector to create 3 fully managed cloud environments built specifically for the needs of GxP regulated companies.”

To ensure the GxP’s and other regulatory requirements are adhered to, elements such as a suitable quality management system (QMS) for the software provider, evidence of audit, as well as validation and qualification records for the infrastructure, platform and software application are available with the GXPi Cloud ™. This differentiates the GXPi Cloud™ significantly from alternative offerings, as the provider has used 20+ years of delivering and managing qualified IT environments to develop a cost effective GxP Cloud environment.


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