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 30th April 2014 GXPi

GXPi Launches EDQMS into Microsoft’s Clear Blue

One of the most powerful, easy-to-use and versatile Electronic Document and Quality Management Systems (EDQMS) is now available within Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. GXPi has built its leading Enterprise Compliance Platform (GECP) in Microsoft’s multi-tenant and qualified cloud so as to reduce cost for Life Science Companies that need an EDQMS, but don’t want the expense of privately hosted or dedicated ‘on-premise’ solutions.

GXPi CEO Keith Williams expects the combination of Azure’s scalability, accessibility and price point, with the outstanding compliance capabilities and flexibility of the GXPi Products (X-docs™ for document Management, X-train for Training Management, and X-forms™ for forms processes like CAPA and Change Control) will have people beating down the door, as he confirms: “The addition of our Platform and Software into Azure completes our Product offering range in terms of pricing options. By having a qualified Microsoft infrastructure and GXPi platform, with application software fully validated and managed by us, you are getting a whole lot of enterprise compliance capability for hardly any CAPEX and relatively low OPEX.

“Everyone in our industry has the need to stay on the right side of the regulators, but not every company has the budget to invest in technology to make that task substantially simpler. We’ve managed to solve that problem and create a Cloud based GXP compliant environment that removes the obstacles that prevented Life Science Companies putting their GXP applications and data in the Cloud, so we’re expecting a lot of interest over the coming weeks and months.”

Microsoft’s Life Sciences division has welcomed news that GXPi has invested significant time and resources to allow users access to their products through Azure, as Gabor Fari, Director of Life Sciences Business Development and Strategy, explains: “The availability of an out-of-the-box Enterprise Compliance Product built on SharePoint, installed and operating on Windows Azure using PowerShell Scripts, managed and monitored using Microsoft System Center Operation Manager, is a significant advancement in our ecosystem, and we are delighted with this progress. GXPi is a well-established and respected name in the space, and their technical and computer system Validation expertise is impressive, so we’re very glad they’re continuing to leverage Microsoft’s technology in this vertical.

“GXPi’s Products are built on the SharePoint platform, so it’s a very sensible and natural decision to develop a low cost simply configurable solution for Azure to add further customers in a multi-tenant cloud environment to its already extensive capabilities. Having commercial off-the-shelf configurable software that is already validated will appeal to a huge number of our customers in the life sciences sector who are concerned about the costs of maintaining the validated state. GXPi delivers all of that.”

The GXPi Azure-based Products are fully GxP compliant and come with isolated client access, separate Test and Live environments, and separate content databases to mitigate the perceived risks with using multi-tenant systems. The Azure-based offering also comes with all of the out-of-the-box validated functionality and scalability associated with GxPi’s products range.


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