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 29th September 2014 Natoli Engineering Company Inc

Natoli Engineering announces the release of its two newest tablet presses

The NP-RD20, an R&D style tablet press and the NP-155 rotary tablet press. Both presses are designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. with worldwide delivery.

Use the NP-RD20 to manufacture single tablets or test tablet parameters during research and development. The RD20 is an automated, single station mobile lab press that is cGMP and CE compliant. It features programmable precompression parameters and dwell time, as well as Data Acquisition capabilities to collect and track test results, including compression curve and elasticity in single, bi-layer, and multi-layer tablets.

The NP-155 is a high-quality, low cost solution for tablet manufacturers in need of a medium-output rotary press. It features a hardened steel die table, auto-lubricated turret, touch screen HMI, optional force feeders, and direct drive design. The NP-155 is cGMP and CE compliant and can produce more than 280,000 tablets per hour.

Natoli keeps a complete spare parts inventory available for all of its tablet presses. Call 636-926-8900 or email to learn more about its versatile lineup of R&D and production presses.


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