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 12th January 2015
Synergy Health

Award-winning sterilisation supplier to host Ethylene Oxide conference

A conference aiming to educate medical device manufacturers on key changes that have been made to one of the main sterilisation standards - ISO 11135 - will come to the Heart of England Conference Centre in Coventry on 4th March 2015.

Synergy Health, an award-winning global supplier of sterilisation solutions to the medical device and healthcare industries, will host the conference which will focus on a key sterilisation method - Ethylene Oxide (EO).

As one of the principal methods of sterilisation, EO is often associated with complex regulatory and environmental constraints.

The conference will take an in-depth look at changes that were announced in July - including revised definitions and new requirements.

Delegates will be provided with an overview of the changes, covering top priorities, responsibilities and new validation requirements that medical device manufacturers must execute to ensure full compliance by July 2017.

The one-day event will support Device Manufacturers enhance their knowledge of the regulatory hurdles and understand critical actions that need to be undertaken to ensure full compliance.

Featuring presentations from a range of industry experts from BSI, DuPont and SteriPack, it will also include afternoon workshops and practical demonstrations.

Jenni Tranter, Business Development Managerat Synergy, said: “This event will bring together organisations at the very cutting edge of device manufacturing to look at the use of Ethylene Oxide in sterilisation practices, providing a valuable opportunity for the sharing of best practice and knowledge.”

For further information, or to register your interest for this event, please click here or email


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