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 2nd December 2019
High Purity New England

High Purity New England Launches Single Use Mixing System

High Purity New England, a leading supplier of biotech equipment and process systems for the Biotech industry, has launched ClearMixx, an innovative single use mixing system.

The latest addition to the growing High Purity New England product range, ClearMixx utilizes a low sheer single-use Quattroflow pump chamber and unique cuboidal shaped bag, to provide mixing efficiency and allow the user to create a uniform, completely homogenous mixture.

Mark Sitcoske, CEO and founder at High Purity New England, said: “We developed ClearMixx to meet the growing demand for a more accurate, single-use mixing system. Clearmixx, unlike its competitors, offers rapid and completely homogenous mixing for your process – without any impellers or moving components.”

ClearMixx was designed to perform liquid/liquid and powder/liquid mixing, with a dispersion plate able to efficiently mix the most challenging buffer, media, and biopharmaceutical ingredients with scalability from 50L, 200L, and 500L as standard sizes. ClearMixx is offered in both stainless steel or polypropylene skids for flexibility in biomanufacturing.

The launch of the ClearMixx system comes as High Purity New England has recently expanded into its second US manufacturing facility and office space in the Northeast. In the first half of 2020, the company expects to launch at least two other exciting product lines.

High Purity New England distributes and manufactures ready-to-use process systems and equipment for the Biotechnology, Pharma and Life science industries.

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