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 15th September 2021 AdhereTech

AdhereTech Unveils Aidia SystemTM to Keep Patients Connected to Care

Cloud-based digital health platform enables timely, proactive health interventions powered by technology solutions like the award-winning Aidia Smart Bottle

September 15, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- AdhereTech, the leading provider and pioneer of smart devices that connect patients to care via real-time interventions, announced today the launch of the Aidia System, a proven, integrated technology-based solution that empowers patients and healthcare teams to achieve optimal medication success.

Using real-time data collected passively with smart devices, including AdhereTech’s Aidia Smart Bottle (formerly known as the Smart Pill Bottle), the Aidia System enables personalized patient support and timely, proactive care so that patients are no longer on their own when it comes to the challenges of staying on track with their medicines.

“The Aidia System creates personalized patient support with specialty pharmacies and healthcare teams, enabling timely health interventions when they are necessary,” said Josh Stein, co-founder and president of AdhereTech. “The beauty of our solution is that it collects an unprecedented volume of real-world data that, in addition to helping patients in the present, informs how healthcare is delivered.”

The Aidia System is free to the patient and removes the psychological and practical barriers that prevent patients from staying on track with prescribed medicines. Central to the Aidia System is the premise that being tech-savvy is not required for patients to benefit from it. The system requires no setup, no downloads, no learning curve and no new habits or routines. It is designed to effortlessly serve patients of every demographic — young, old, rural, urban, the very ill or the simply forgetful.

“Our healthcare system, now more than ever, is grappling with pressing issues like patient access, health equity, real-world evidence, and data collection. In an era where the industry is seeking to optimize individual patient outcomes, the information we can collect becomes even more valuable,” said Chris O’Brien, CEO of AdhereTech. “In the coming years, we will be fine-tuning not only the devices that connect to our system but the quality of the data we can capture and share with our partners.”

In addition to causing unnecessary health complications for patients, nonadherence to medication regimens costs the pharmaceutical industry hundreds of billions of dollars1 per year.

About AdhereTech

Founded in 2011, AdhereTech is a privately held digital health company headquartered in New York, NY, and is the leading provider and pioneer of smart devices that connect patients to care via real-time interventions. AdhereTech partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies and healthcare teams with the mission of using technology informed by insights into human behavior to improve health outcomes. Its Aidia SystemTM is a proven, integrated technology-based adherence solution that empowers patients and healthcare teams to achieve optimal medication success. For more information, please visit us at You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, @AdhereTech
[1] Moore, Chawla, Firlik, “Estimated annual pharmaceutical revenue loss due to medication non-adherence,” CapGemini Consulting/Health Prize Technologies, 2016, billion-in-revenue-annually-due-to-medication-nonadherence-300363979.html


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