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 3rd October 2007 Genetix Ltd

New CellReporter live cell based assay system from Genetix

Researchers gain in productivity, speed and data quality – compound hit list available in minutes

Genetix Ltd (New Milton, UK) has announced the introduction of a new cell based assay platform, CellReporter. Complementing the company’s existing technologies for cell identification and selection, the new CellReporter is a powerful platform for fast, highly productive quantitative screening that produces qualified data for multiwell, live cell assays at very high speed, using white light and multiplexed fluorescence.

In an industry first, Genetix has combined the speed of a plate reader, the quality of a microscope and the insight of high content assays. CellReporter assesses multiple parameters in parallel, delivering immediate analysis and normalization of data. Easy to interpret features that validate assay read outs are built-in, ensuring that a compound hit list is available minutes following assay completion. This compares to several days for traditional workflows. Only biologically relevant data feeds into subsequent data processing packages.

CellReporter includes campaign driven software, imaging instrumentation and assay reagents for essential applications such as cell viability and morphology, cell proliferation, and apoptosis.

Data from Cell Reporter is stored in a standard format to allow export to other processing packages if required. In addition, by integrating with data from Genetix’s CloneSelect Imager, scientists have a useful direct link between information about cell growth and assay data from CellReporter.

For more details of CellReporter and the entire cell biology portfolio of products from Genetix, contact your local organization, or visit Notes to Editors

Genetix delivers pioneering, technological breakthroughs that give customers the competitive edge to find the cells and push the boundaries in biopharmaceutical and clinical research. It supplies major international Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies involved in the drug discovery process including GSK, Merck, Genentech, Wyeth, Novartis, as well as many leading academic institutions world-wide.

Genetix achievements have helped revolutionize cell biology, proteomics and genomics. The company made a significant contribution to the Human Genome Project by supplying high-throughput equipment to seven of the leading eight laboratories of the consortium. Today, through its R&D expertise and scientific resource, Genetix is committed to the continual development of innovative solutions to accelerate the rate of Translational Biology.

Genetix is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (symbol GTX) and is based in New Milton, Hampshire, UK.


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