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 8th November 2007 Millipore

Billerica, Massachusetts—November 8, 2007—Millipore Corporation announced today that the Mobius™ MIX100 Disposable Mixing System is now available.

The second in the Mobius family of disposable mixing systems, the Mobius MIX100 disposable mixer features a configurable 100-liter container. Its integral impeller enables risk-free cell culture, media and buffer preparation, while magnetic motor technology eliminates warm-up time. And as part of an integrated Mobius solution, MIX100 mixers can be easily and economically configured with a wide array of containers, filters, connectors and tubing for a completely validated disposable solution.

The MIX100 system offers all the advantages of Millipore’s proven scalable, ready-to-use systems and processing technologies, including:

• Decreased risk of contamination • Reduced downtime for cleaning validation and process engineering • Validation, quality and regulatory compliance support • Disposable technology for increased production capacity in multi-product facilities • Easy setup and use • Small footprint and mobile carrier construction for enhanced flexibility

Millipore will also launch additional mixers in various sizes over the next several months.

Go Mobius. The Mobius MIX100 Disposable Mixing System is part of the Mobius integrated, disposable bioprocess solution. With Mobius, you can achieve greater process efficiency and productivity with the right combination of single-use products, application solutions, and expert validation support. From disposable process containers to Millipore capsule filters and connectors, to validated, gamma-compatible turnkey assemblies, Mobius solutions provide faster turnaround time and reliable performance, right out of the box.


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