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 13th November 2007 Isopak Limited


Isopak Limited has launched a UK fight back in a global market dominated by low cost economies from the Far East by launching a new European version of the tablet press from Italian based Dott. Bonapace, famous for its high quality pharmaceutical equipment.

The powerful new CPR-18 rotary tablet press, available in the UK and Ireland from Isopak, has been developed for a variety of operations including Research & Development, laboratories and for medium production batches.

It compliments the renowned In-Cap capsule filling machine and is manufactured in Europe, which is sure to be a crucial factor against comparable types of equipment built to less exacting standards from other parts of the world.

Built to last, the competitively priced CPR-18 is very robustly constructed so that there is no flexing of the machine, even when running at top speed with its maximum load, and it has a massive compression force of up to six tonnes - which is a lot for a bench top machine.

It can also run 10 B type punches for tablets of up to 16mm diameter or can be supplied to run D type tooling with eight stations handling punches of up to 22mm in diameter - and it has a maximum output of an impressive 18,000 tablets per hour.

Versatility is the key to this machine so it can also operate with just one punch all the way up to full output capacity, making it ideal for small scale batches, clinical trials and product developments.

A further big plus for the CPR-18 is its quick tool changes, which can be made in less than 30 minutes and there is also easy access to all parts of the machine through eight doors.

Stamford based Isopak's managing director, Robin Davies, believes it can give low cost manufacturers a run for their money, in the design, build quality and output of its latest machine.

He said: "Dott. Bonapace manufactures a very high quality range of pharmaceutical machines and we hope the latest addition of the CPR-18 to its range of equipment will bring much-needed competitiveness to the market for this type of machinery. "

The machine is currently available as a plain unit but a fully instrumented version is being developed and will be available shortly, allowing measurements of the pre-compression, top and bottom punch compression forces and the ejection forces for each station.

In the UK and Ireland, Isopak has already installed countless Dott. Bonapace machines and is now hoping that many of these satisfied companies will purchase the CPR-18. The firm's satisfied customer base includes hospitals, universities, research departments, pharmaceutical companies and numerous related organisations.

Dott. Bonapace has over sixty years of experience producing high quality equipment and is already well-know in the pharmaceutical sector for its precise capsule filling machines, including the famous In-Cap machine and an extensive range of other small scale operating systems.


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