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 31st January 2008 TTP LabTech

Palm Springs, CA – At LabAutomation 2008, TTP LabTech today announced the introduction of Lab2Lab, a new automated sample transport system for sending individual microtubes between analytical workstations or laboratories.

Lab2Lab uses the proven pneumatic technology at the heart of the comPOUND sample store and a simple network of uPVC tubing to connect a minimum of two stations and transfer samples using a blast of air. These ‘stations’ can be instruments located in different rooms, or even on different floors of a building. Lab2Lab provides on-demand delivery of a single sample tube to a sampling device, then to the analytical hardware, and then to a waste container or collection point.

Lab2Lab offers to optimise the use of expensive analysis instrumentation as it can send a sample to any available instrument, even if it is located in a different core lab to the user. It also reduces the time taken for samples to be sent, analysed and associated data returned to the scientist. Lab2Lab can be used stand-alone or as part of an automation workflow solution. Lab2Lab provides the following functionality:

• On-demand supply of a single sample directly to the auto-sampler of an analytical instrument • Barcode scanning • Removal and disposal of processed sample tubes • Log of sample movements • Easy-to-use software which is simple to integrate with databases or Electronic Lab Notebooks

"As analytical sample management and throughputs increase TTP LabTech are well positioned to develop solutions in response critical laboratory workflow issues," said Jas Sanghera, TTP LabTech’s Commercial Director. "Lab2Lab is a novel product and represents TTP LabTech’s commitment to overcome existing and future problems in the pharmaceutical industry".

Visitors to LabAutomation 2008, Palm Springs, CA will be able to view a demonstration of Lab2Lab on Booth #370.


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