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 5th February 2008 MKS Instruments

MKS introduces Series 48 Filter Housing Heaters. A cost-effective, user-friendly solution for biopharmaceutical applications

Andover, MA, February 4, 2008 — MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI), a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has introduced the Series 48 Filter Housing Heaters for biopharmaceutical processes requiring advanced thermal control of material viscosities and vapor condensation. The easily removed Series 48 Heaters significantly reduce maintenance times and provide a cost-effective solution that replaces heat trace tape, steam jackets and supporting hardware. The integrated temperature controller, protected by a NEMA 4X enclosure, features enhanced safety features, with high/low temperature alerts and high-limit power switching.

The Series 48 Heaters’ unique adjustable temperature controller accommodates higher temperatures for stainless steel housings and lower temperatures for single use housings. This heater jacket is maintenance-friendly with corrosion-resistant stainless steel snaps for easy installation or removal. The NEMA 4X temperature controller enclosure is resistant to water, dust, corrosion, and damage from ice buildup. The control components reside inside the enclosure, away from the heat source, extending heater life.

The controller’s digital display allows easy adjustment of temperature set points, high/low temperature alerts, high temperature safety limits (with power switching), and the control mode. The digital interface and temperature display options offer greater versatility and functionality, permitting remote display, control and diagnostics for individual heaters when combined with the optional Modbus RTU communications module. User-adjustable over-temperature protection significantly reduces downtime potential and the need to stock replacement heaters. No-arc relay ensures long controller lifetime and increased reliability.

About MKS: MKS Instruments, Inc. is a global provider of instruments, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, control, power, monitor and analyze critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity. Our products are derived from our core competencies in pressure measurement and control, materials delivery, gas composition analysis, electrostatic charge management, control and information technology, power and reactive gas generation, and vacuum technology. Our primary served markets are manufacturers of capital equipment for semiconductor devices, and for other thin film applications including flat panel displays, solar cells, data storage media, and other advanced coatings. We also leverage our technology in other markets with advanced manufacturing applications including medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and energy generation and environmental monitoring.


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