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 20th February 2008 Christ Water Technology Group

With the new Septron Line series, the Christ Water Technology Group makes it possible to produce ultrapure water in various qualities and quantities.

The models 10-20 and 25-60 comply with the current standards laid down by ISO, CAP and ASTM. They also considerably exceed the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur., Aqua Purificata) and the American Pharmacopoeia (USP, Purified Water) for ultrapure water. All models can be commissioned quickly and offer a high level of operational safety with only low maintenance requirements.

With the versions PRO, VAL and HPW, Christ offers a solution for every requirement. The PRO version is ideal for general industrial processes which need ultrapure water, while the VAL version meets the quality requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry and conforms with cGMP with respect to the FDA and PIC directives. The HPW is capable of producing Highly Purified Water (Ph.Eur.) which can be used in all ultrapure-water applications (such as rinsing water for microtechnology). The water, which has a very low conductivity, is also suitable feeding distillation systems (Water for Injections) and steam generators. All units are prequalified during the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), which means that the time needed for on-site qualification and commissioning is greatly reduced.

All units of the Septron Line 10-20 series have an operating interface with three password-protected levels and with an electronic key. With a floor area of only 0.5 m2, they can be installed in any laboratory. The units of the series 25-60 are the third generation. These have a PLC controller, comply with GAMP and CE and meet the requirements of the current standards for electrical and electromagnetic safety. Four password-protected control levels and an optional integrated printer for continuous tracking of all events and interventions ensure the maximum possible safety. A clear menu system and a touch-screen display permit safe and ergonomical operation. With a floor area of about 1.2 m2, these units require little space.

The entire Septron technology is characterised by optimal microbiological cleanliness. Christ achieves the required water quality by means of the "smart-block connection technology", which has very few dead legs, and by using all treatment stages of filtration, reverse osmosis with full-fit concept, electro-deionisation and external sterile filtration (HPW quality).


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