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 12th May 2008 3M

3M Drug Delivery Systems presents new technical advances in inhalation at the Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Conference.

3M Drug Delivery Systems’ announces new research developments in Surface Modified Nanoparticles (SMN) at the Respiratory Drug Delivery Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Having built a solid, global reputation on delivering inhalation systems that meet customer and patient needs, 3M is making advances in this novel particle surface technology. This technology is designed to enhance powder flow for dry powder inhaler (DPI) applications and to improve suspension quality in metered dose inhaler (MDI) applications. Stephen Stein, Research Specialist, 3M Drug Delivery Systems, will be presenting on ‘Modifying Interparticulate Interactions using Surface Modified Excipient Nanoparticles’ showing how the presence of SMNs can greatly improve the dispersibility and flow, even from low-tech devices.

3M Drug Delivery Systems is also unveiling a scientific paper titled ‘Optimisation of Fluid Flow in pMDI Valves’ presented by Georgina Fradley, Development Specialist, which studies fluid flow in pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) valves and how this can be enhanced by valve design. As subtle differences in valve design can significantly impact the delivery system, the poster shows how scientists at 3M used the Rayleigh-Taylor fluid flow theory* to optimise the design of their fast-fill, fast-empty valve. The combination of improved fluid flow and fast-fill, fast-empty principles gives superior pharmaceutical performance and robustness in the hands of patients.

These research developments follow on from the success of the company’s Integrated Dose by Dose Counter launch in 2007. Incorporated into the actuator to inform patients when their medication is low, the Integrated Dose by Dose Counter delivers a precise, dose by dose counting and display solution for pMDIs, and clear benefits in patient peace of mind and condition management. The Integrated Dose by Dose Counter is suited to the most popular valves in the market place, including the 3M™ Retention Valve.

The all-metal Retention Valve incorporates a clean Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) elastomer and addresses customer formulation needs with improved performance through low moisture ingression and leakage along with low levels of leachables and extractables. With good prime retention over seven days, the pressure fillable Retention Valve also offers a smooth operation and the ability to utilise the product across a range of pMDI products with the capacity for immediate scale-up.

Steve Wick, Technical Director for 3M Drug Delivery Systems commented on the new advancements in technologies: “Our presence at RDD gives us the chance to showcase the developments in our research into surface modified nanoparticles and our ongoing research regarding the fast-fill, fast-empty genre relating to valves for pMDI design - we see these studies as improving drug delivery to the lungs in the future.”

For anyone requiring more information please contact Laura Griffiths or Allyson Poad-Hindle at Wyatt International on +44 (0) 121 454 8181 or email /


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