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 10th March 2009 Natoli Engineering Company Inc

Natoli Launches New Web Site Design Provides Visitors With a More Enhanced User Experience.

ST. CHARLES - Natoli has recently launched a newly redesigned Web site to provide their online visitors with a more enhanced user experience. The new Web site features unique online quote request forms for tooling and products, a dynamic drop down navigation and advanced search capabilities to make user interaction simple and user-friendly. The modern redesign incorporates powerful graphics, photos and innovative navigation tools.

“The new Web site design shows our customers how Natoli can fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations in an innovative way,” says Sara Jones, graphic designer for Natoli. “In addition, our online users will now embrace as a powerful tool because it provides visitors with the ability to stay up to date with Natoli by listing current specials, technical training schedules, articles and more. The redesign is also very engaging, pages are filled with information and resources rich in content making more exciting and informative than ever.”

Currently Natoli’s is working on expanding their online resources by streamlining a variety of high-quality Web cast videos. These videos will educate their audience on topics like Natoli’s steel quality, technical training classes, tool management system and more.

Established in 1973, Natoli is the world's premiere manufacturer and supplier of tablet compression tooling, accessories, presses, parts, software management and services for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, industrial and confectionary industries. Natoli’s dedication to excellence, innovative thinking and their commitment to providing the best customer service has propelled them to the forefront of the tablet compression industry.


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