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 12th March 2009 Dolomite

Dolomite Introduces Extra Smooth Microfluidic Pumping System. Versatile syringe pump offers extremely smooth flow rate

Royston, UK (10 March 2009) – Dolomite, the world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, today launched the Mitos Syringe Pump Extra Smooth (XS), a versatile pumping solution making complex and powerful microfluidic technologies possible. This innovative new pump system has been built on the success of the original Mitos Syringe Pump, but now incorporates a virtually pulse free flow rate.

Designed for applications such as droplet generation, reagent dispensing, cell manipulation, microreactions and any application where precise control over fluid flow is required, the Mitos Syringe Pump XS removes pulsation through advanced drive electronics to provide an exceptionally smooth flow.

With the ability to programme two six-port valves and two syringes to operate in a number of different configurations, a broad range of fluid delivery capabilities are possible. Furthermore, the unit can be controlled directly via the intuitive user interface or the PC software. Fluid can be dispensed either by volume or flow rate over a definable period of time with the ability to create unique flow profiles. With an extremely small footprint (260 x 160 x 250 mm), the Mitos Syringe Pump XS addresses the requirement for a smooth-flow microfluidic system without occupying valuable laboratory space. For further information about the Mitos Syringe Pump XS, or any of Dolomite’s microfluidic connectors / interconnects, chips and devices, please visit


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