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 14th April 2009 Natoli Engineering Company Inc

TECHNICAL TRAINING IMPROVES TABLET MANUFACTURING SKILLS Natoli Delivers Latest Training Course: Tablet Pro for Nutritional Manufacturing

April 13, 2009- Natoli prepares for their latest technical training course, Tablet Pro for Nutritional Manufacturing. The new course will be held on May 19-20, 2009 at Natoli’s technical training center in St. Charles, MO.

This course focuses on key elements of formulating, blending, granulating, milling and tablet compression. Attendees will learn how to manufacture better tablets and how to solve common tablet press defects. Designed for experienced professionals and novices alike, this course will benefit operators, managers, maintenance, R&D, technical services, formulators, and quality teams.

Mike Tousey, technical director/owner of Techceuticals and Tablet Pro guest speaker, states; “This training session will provide clear and concise methods on how to improve your tablet making skills… Participants usually say they wish they had this class before and want to share it with their coworkers. This training course will add solutions and increase profit for the best kind of return of investment possible. After two days, participants will be able to apply this information the moment they walk back into their own facility.”

Natoli’s technical training center is the most influential, non-commercial training center in the United States that is solely dedicated to the tablet compression industry. The center’s curriculum is structured around hands-on training, theories, case studies, processes and techniques of tablet compression. Training course topics for 2009 include: cGMP, tablet technology, tablet manufacturing, tablet film coating, tooling training, tablet press set-up, operation and force monitoring, hard shell encapsulation and more.


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