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 24th June 2009

PolyTherics TheraPEGTM Patent Allowed in Europe

PolyTherics Limited (“PolyTherics”), the biopharmaceuticals company dedicated to precision engineering of biologics to improve their pharmacokinetic properties, is delighted to announce that its first patent covering the targeted PEGylation of proteins has been allowed in Europe. The patent claims the use of a unique linker developed at PolyTherics that enables precision attachment of PEG to natural disulfide bonds in proteins.

Trademarked as TheraPEG™, the technology allows proteins with proven therapeutic efficacy such as Interferons, erythropoietin and antibody fragments to remain active and potent in the body for longer, resulting in less frequent dosing without loss of biological activity. TheraPEG™ has been shown to be a highly efficient, reliable and cost effective process which complements the proven cost benefits of bacterial expression to produce therapeutic proteins.

“Allowance of the patent that underpins our technology in therapeutic protein optimisation is a significant milestone for PolyTherics”, commented Dr. Keith Powell, CEO of PolyTherics. “The technology has already been licensed to several partners to develop and commercialise their therapeutic proteins in PEGylated form. For the future, we see great commercial opportunity in applying TheraPEG™ to microbially-expressed proteins, to undercut the timelines and costs associated with mammalian cell fermentation.”

Dr Mike Hayes, Chairman of PolyTherics added “In 2009 the company has continued to develop and make significant progress. The allowance of the core technology patent protecting PEGylated products developed by PolyTherics and its partners is fundamental to the future success of this dynamic and vibrant organisation”.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Keith Powell, CEO

+44 (0) 207 691 4928

PolyTherics Ltd.

Mike Wort / Anna Dunphy

+44 (0) 207 861 3838

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