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 10th June 2009 Natoli Engineering Company Inc


June 10, 2009- Natoli prepares for the technical training course, Hard Shell Encapsulation. This course will be held on July 21-22, 2009 at Natoliís technical training center in St. Charles, MO. Designed for any individual involved in tablet or capsule manufacturing, this course focuses on the paralleling partnership between capsules and tablets.

Tim Sopko, senior field service engineer, Capsugel, and course guest speaker, states; ďFor the last 35 years there has been no other course like this offered in the industry. There is a real partnership between tablets and capsules. This course is a pathway to unite encapsulation and tableting.Ē

Natoliís technical training center is the most influential, non-commercial training center in the United States that is dedicated to the tablet compression industry. The centerís curriculum is structured around scientific research, theories, case studies, processes and techniques of tablet compression. Training course topics for 2009 include: cGMP, tablet technology, tablet manufacturing, tablet film coating, tooling training, tablet press set-up, operation and force monitoring, hard shell encapsulation and more.

Editorís Note: For additional information or to view the Hard Shell Encapsulation brochure, visit Natoliís newly redesigned web site at


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