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 21st August 2009 Malvern Instruments

Pharmaceutical tablets – to image or not to image?

New downloadable guidance document on Malvern website

12 August 2009: Malvern, UK: Spectroscopy specialists at Malvern Instruments have published a guidance document that sets out the most important points to consider when purchasing a laboratory-based spectroscopic tablet analysis system. The document, part of Malvern’s new ‘INFORM’ series of white papers, focuses particularly on the differences between a bulk (single-point) analysis and the more detailed mapping and imaging approaches now available. The new white paper, entitled ‘Pharmaceutical tablets – to image or not to image?’, is now available for download from the Malvern website at:$file/MRK1234-01.pdf

Compositional analysis of pharmaceutical tablets using spectroscopy is generally simpler and more cost-effective than other techniques. Spectroscopic mapping and imaging provide previously inaccessible data describing the spatial distribution of chemical components. These measurements enable product understanding at a structural level, informing both function and quality.

Before investing in a new system for spectroscopic analysis it is important to specifically define all user expectations regarding the desired rapidity and scope of results. The freely downloadable white paper from Malvern summarises the top five most important questions prospective buyers of spectroscopic tablet analysis systems should ask:$file/MRK1234-01.pdf

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