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 20th October 2009 Topas

PlastiPure Partners with TOPAS Advanced Polymers to Sell Safer Plastic Products PlastiPure Approves Three TOPAS® Materials as PlastiPure-Safe™ – Free of Harmful Estrogenic Chemicals

(Austin, TX) – The advanced technology company PlastiPure announces a partnership with TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Inc. (TOPAS Inc.), after testing several TOPAS Inc. products and approving them as free of estrogenic activity. Chemicals with EA, including BPA and phthalates, are the major cause of endocrine disruption, interfering with anatomical, physiological and behavioral changes produced by naturally occurring hormones. Under the agreement, PlastiPure has tested and approved three TOPAS® COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) materials for use in PlastiPure certified EA-Free™ products. The superior thermal, optical, barrier and mechanical properties of these new materials (TOPAS 6013D-61, TOPAS 8007D-61, and TOPAS 8007F-04) particularly suit them for high performance medical and food packaging applications. Plastics processors can now source these materials directly from TOPAS Inc. as part of an overall PlastiPure EA-Free™ certification for their products. PlastiPure and TOPAS Inc. anticipate the development and approval of additional materials to extend the TOPAS line of PlastiPure-Safe™ resins.

Increasing consumer concern over the safety of plastics has driven market growth of alternative materials and has led to the introduction of BPA- and phthalate-free plastic products. However, these solutions are flawed as plastics have physical, chemical, processing, “green” and economic benefits that most other less-optimal materials such as glass and metal cannot provide. Also not yet widely known by consumers is that BPA and phthalates are only two of hundreds of estrogenic chemicals used to make plastics. In fact, tests of BPA-free products have indicated that almost all continued to release other chemicals having EA, and several of the chemicals released had as much EA as the polycarbonate products they replaced.

PlastiPure technology can be easily implemented to make most plastic materials and products free of leachable estrogenic chemicals. The partnership between PlastiPure and TOPAS Inc. is a key first step to wider availability of EA-Free™ consumer products.

“We are very pleased to partner with an innovative company like TOPAS Inc., who is focused on making verifiably safer plastics,” said PlastiPure CEO Mike Usey. “By purchasing these materials directly from TOPAS Inc. and then following PlastiPure’s conversion processes using their existing machinery, manufactures can produce EA-Free™ products.”

In the past year, PlastiPure has introduced plastic materials and products to the market that are free of estrogenic chemicals. The company recently secured a $1.1 million federal grant to continue developing materials without EA. EA has been strongly linked to adverse health effects such as birth defects, reproductive cancers, and behavioral and learning disorders.

Current marketing and regulatory attempts to solve concerns about chemicals having EA are currently focused on replacing or banning such chemicals one at a time. PlastiPure, however, has invested more than nine years and millions of dollars to provide a more comprehensive health solution by replacing all chemicals containing EA from its plastic materials and products. PlastiPure-Certified EA-Free™ products ensure that consumers receive the safest plastics on the market today.

“When consumers see the PlastiPure EA-Free™ certification seal on their products, they know the product is as safe as it can be,” Usey said.

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About PlastiPure PlastiPure is an advanced technology company located in Austin, Texas. Its team of leading biologists, polymer chemists and industry experts has come together to advance the science of safer plastics. Founded in 2000, PlastiPure creates and licenses new polymer formulations and plastic goods that are safer for consumer use. PlastiPure’s proprietary products and intellectual property have a wide range of applications for food and beverage, pet food, infant feeding, fitness, personal care, packaging, cosmetics, medical supply, pharmaceutical, toy and other industries.

About TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Inc. TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Inc. markets TOPAS® COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) for packaging, medical, optical and other applications worldwide. TOPAS Inc. is a subsidiary of TOPAS Advanced Polymers, GmbH, which manufactures TOPAS COC at its world-class plant in Germany.


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