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 2nd November 2009 GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Launches Human Fab Capture Kit

For screening and kinetic characterization of human Fab samples using Biacore™ systems

Uppsala, Sweden, 2nd November 2009 – GE Healthcare announces the launch of the Human Fab Capture Kit for the reliable and rapid screening and characterization of human Fab antibody fragments with Biacore™ instruments. The kit is suitable for use with samples including crude cell lysates, periplasmic extracts or purified Fab fragments.

The rapid and reliable selection of the Fab fragments is ensured by a broad specificity for human Fab fragments, combined with a high capture efficiency and stability, providing excellent assay performance. The pre-optimized assay for this kit delivers resource, cost and time savings as it eliminates the need to find and identify suitable reagents, and minimizes assay development and verification. In addition, there is only a minimal need for adjustments between projects due to antigen-independent immobilization and regeneration conditions.

The Human Fab Capture Kit contains Human Fab Binder and immobilization buffer for 10 immobilizations and regeneration solution for 1000 regeneration injections when used with Biacore T100 and Biacore A100.

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