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 18th January 2010 Almac

Almac announces that AstraZeneca is to undertake evaluation FLEXYTE™ protein kinase assays

Almac Group Ltd and Edinburgh Instruments Ltd announce that AstraZeneca is to carry out an evaluation of the newly launched FLEXYTE™ protein kinase assay platform.

During the evaluation period AstraZeneca will assess the performance of the FLEXYTE™ platform in its laboratories against specific targets of interest.

‘We are delighted that AstraZeneca have shown this level of interest in our proprietal protein kinase assay platform. Their evaluation of FLEXYTE™ indicates the potential of fluorescence lifetime as a reporting modality for kinase assays’ said Stephen Barr Almac Sciences’ President and Managing Director.

FLEXYTE™ assays harness the potential of fluorescence lifetime and applies it to the process of assaying kinase activity and marks a successful collaboration between Almac Sciences, Edinburgh Instruments and Dundee University.

Avoiding radioactivity, antibodies and associated costs, fluorescent lifetime technology enables homogenous, robust and reliable assays with minimized interference from problem compounds, and will allow miniaturization, and multiplexing, while maintaining an information-rich output.

Generic substrates enable fluorescent lifetime assays to be configured for a broad panel of Ser/Thr protein kinases in a rapid fashion, covering over 100 different kinases – and with performance comparable to radiometric assays.

FLEXYTE™ assay reagents and protocols are available in bulk form, for high throughput screening, or kit form, for lower capacity assays.


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