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 20th January 2010 Chip-Man Technologies

Chip-Man Technologies introduces Cell-IQÒ 2

Chip-Man Technologies Ltd has announced the launch of the Cell-IQ 2 live cell imaging and analysis system. This innovative platform builds on the success of the original Cell-IQ system, offering fully automated imaging and analysis for the study of live cell behaviour in an optimised and stable environment.

The Cell-IQ platform allows accurate and reproducible quantitation of results for live cell imaging, and has already proven highly successful in a range of laboratory settings. The second generation system provides increased usability and precision for users, offering advanced features for cell biology, functional genomics, drug discovery, in vitro fertilisation, in vitro toxicology and regenerative medicine applications. Chip-Man Technologies CEO, Jane Spencer-Fry, explained: “Cell-IQ 2 offers our customers more flexibility, greater ease of use and increased analysis power. The system’s intuitive user interface has also been updated, with the addition of the new Analyzer Pro-Write™ software for greater functionality.”

To find out more about Chip-Man Technologies’ Cell-IQ system, visit


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