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 2nd February 2010 TTP LabTech

TTP LabTech launches NEW high-content contract screening service

Renowned Acumen technology provides base for screening service platform

Royston, UK – TTP LabTech has today launched its new contract screening service based around the company’s HCS technology, the Acumen® microplate cytometer. The service will provide clients with high-content data using cell-based assays for the investigation of various biological phenomena - including cell cycle, RNAi profiling, angiogenesis and signal pathway profiling.

The new service complements TTP LabTech’s existing product business by providing companies with an easy route into high-content screening, regardless of their internal resources. Initially run from TTP LabTech’s headquarters in the UK, the service is currently available in two forms, Standard and Full. The Standard Service offering, includes the rapid scanning and analysis of pre-prepared experimental plates whilst the more extensive Full Service incorporates the entire process from cell culture, through compound/reagent treatment, to screening, analysis and data reporting, and can include assay development where required.

‘As the inventors of the Acumen, we have extensive experience in the use of this instrument for high-content screening and so we are well placed to apply its capabilities on behalf of our clients.’ commented Dr Philip Blenkinsop, MD of TTP LabTech. ‘In the past, prospective clients seeking direct access to high-content data have often asked us whether we can combine our in-house biology expertise with the latest lab tools to provide a complete package. We now feel that the time is right to introduce such a service to augment our existing product business.’

TTP LabTech will be exhibiting and presenting the new screening service at the upcoming Molecular Medicine Tri Conference (San Francisco, Feb 3rd – 5th) and at Screening Europe (Barcelona, 11th and 12th Feb).

For more information about the new contract screening service visit:

About TTP LabTech Ltd

Based near Cambridge, UK, TTP LabTech Ltd supplies laboratory-scale instrumentation, develops custom automation and now provides contract screening services for life sciences companies spanning the healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. TTP LabTech’s approach is to provide its customers with flexible solutions which can be tailored to meet their needs.


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