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 15th February 2010 TRM

BioProtein Technologies launches TRM a subsidiary dedicated to the production of genetically modified rabbit models

Transgenic Rabbit Models leans on twenty years of expertise in lagomorphs transgenesis, some of the most relevant animal models for studying complex diseases.

Jouy-en-Josas, France February 15, 2010 BioProtein Technologies the biotechnology company committed to the production of therapeutic proteins in the milk of transgenic rabbits, is proud to announce the launch of its subsidiary: Transgenic Rabbit Models (TRM), dedicated to the development of genetically modified research models with a high value-added for the biopharmaceutical industry and academic research.

TRM provides genetically modified rabbit models for biomedical research, a species relatively underexploited until now compared to mice and rats. With the improvement of handling techniques, gene replacement and the development of specific proprietary methods for rabbits (knock-down, knock-out or knock-in), Transgenic Rabbit Models can now provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies or academic laboratories, with fully integrated services intended for the design and production of transgenic rabbit models for biomedical research.

Alexandre Fouassier, CEO of Transgenic Rabbit Models, declared: Contrary to common beliefs, rabbits are not rodents. They belong to the order of lagomorphs and are phylogenetically closer to primates than rodents or ruminants. It is therefore an attractive animal for producing human glycoproteins and recombinant vaccines, our ongoing activity with BioProtein. The particularities of the rabbit and the development of specific genetic engineering tools makes it one of the most promising animal model to open new pathways of research on complex diseases like diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, heart diseases, major ophthalmic diseases or various cancers. With a short-time gestation and early sexual maturity, we are able to generate lines of transgenic animals in very short time. We are convinced that this market will register a very strong growth in the years to come. TRM, which has already a strong expertise in transgenesis and breeding, intends to become the undisputed leader in this field of activity.

Traditional transgenic models (rats, mice) are widely used by the scientific community for biomedical research. These models are however imperfect in a number of situations. The development of alternative and complementary transgenic models and especially in rabbits, brings a significant added value when studying complex human diseases. Some more effective therapeutic solutions can be designed using lagomorph models.

About TRM: Transgenic Rabbit Models (TRM) is a biotechnology dedicated to the development of specific and standardized genetically modified animal models for the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry and academic research. TRM gathers over twenty years of expertise in transgenic rabbits acquired by its parent company, BioProtein Technologies SA, a specialist in the production of recombinant proteins in the milk of transgenic animals. TRM intends on meeting the needs of its customers by providing high value-added genetically modified models designed through a proprietary technology platform and exclusive know-how. The rabbit is a relevant animal model for studying various human diseases, especially in areas such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, ophthalmology, myopathy hypertrophic obesity, hemostasis, respiratory diseases, AIDS or various forms of cancer.

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