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 23rd February 2010 Helvoet Pharma

Helvoet Pharma to build production facility in India Helvoet Pharma is to build a new modern production facility in India. This new plant will begin operation in 2012 and will supply the local pharmaceutical industry and globally operating pharmaceutical customers with rubber components for primary packaging for parenteral pharmaceutical and diagnostic drugs.

With this facility, Helvoet Pharma is further strengthening its market position in India and establishing its first operational platform in Asia to further capitalise on its worldwide leadership in pharmaceutical rubber formulations.

Helvoet Pharma's decision to build its own manufacturing plant in India has been made to leverage the country's position as the centre of excellence for generic and branded pharmaceutical products. India has the highest number of US FDA approved plants outside the USA and is expected to become a significant healthcare consumer market.

This brand-new plant fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities built to Helvoet Pharma’s high standards will be operational in 2012. Over the next two years, Helvoet Pharma will spend some 14 million Euros. Construction work for the greenfield production facility will start in the third quarter of this year. The new plant will be located near Pune (Maharashtra state) in a newly developed industrial zone with a secure energy supply, good transport connections and access to trained personnel. If required, the new facility can be expanded modularly in the future.

About Helvoet Pharma – “Passion for Excellence” ( Helvoet Pharma, a leading global supplier of primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging components, was founded in 1970. The company is headquartered in Europe and has additional manufacturing facilities located in Europe, the USA and Asia, supplying over 10 billion parts to the pharmaceutical industry every year. Helvoet Pharma currently employs a total of 1,250 people worldwide and generated sales revenues of 170 million euros in 2008. Helvoet Pharma is part of the Swiss Daetwyler Group, which has some 4,700 employees and generates more than 800 million euros in revenue.

For over four decades, Helvoet Pharma has continued to build upon its reputation for reliability, high quality products and customer support.

Enquiries: Mr Dirk Borghs – Special Projects Leader Helvoet Pharma Phone : +32/1159 0985


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