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 9th April 2010 Shield Medicare

Introducing a new user-friendly cleanroom trigger spray

Ecolabís centre of excellence for contamination control, Shield Medicare, is proud to announce a new development to its patented SteriShield Delivery System.

10 years ago, the SteriShield Delivery System pioneered the use of a closed trigger spray system, whereby air cannot enter the bottle and the contents remain sterile throughout use. Since then the system has remained the benchmark for protected systems.

The latest development incorporates a new trigger that has been designed following comprehensive research with customers to produce a more user-friendly system. This trigger includes the popular features of a variable nozzle, a broad spray pattern, a rapid-return trigger and a more ergonomic, easy-to-clean shroud.

Additionally, the SteriShield Delivery System is the most extensively validated protected trigger spray system on the market. As the system is dependent on every component, the new combination of components has undergone full in-depth validation. As well as the now standard media tests being carried out, Shield Medicare has undertaken unique vacuum and particulate testing to prove without reservation, that the new trigger and bottle combination creates and maintains a closed system for a minimum of three months.

To judge for yourself whether this is the best cleanroom trigger system available, or for more information on our validation work, please contact us.

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